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Tiling Theory

Things are getting real with contractors bidding for our future home!  Every day there seems to be a new detail to consider (or over-analyze if you are me).

Today I saw that we are being given a $6/square foot allowance for our bathroom tile.  That sounded like a decent price, until I went to Modwall’s site and saw that my very favorite tile with the most perfect name, City Sunshine, is actually $7.95 for a 1.15 square foot sheet.  While $2 more a square foot won’t bust our whole budget, we could use that money elsewhere.  I did a search for other pretty tile, but I am stuck on City Sunshine for our master bath.  Finally, it occurred to me that we could easily mix the preferred tile with a plainer, cheaper one.  Below, my favorite tile is paired with Cement grey at $4.50/square foot:

image from Modwalls

We could even mix up the size of the less expensive tile and go with larger squares on the floor, kind of the opposite of the bathroom below:

image from Jetson Green

This is definitely not a revolutionary idea, but one that will save us money and still look great.

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Calgon, Take Me Away

Following up on the last post about plumbing, and probably due to stress, I’ve been daydreaming about bathtubs.  We want a budget-friendly whirlpool (jetted? jacuzzi-like? whatever you want to call it) tub with sleek modern lines.  We need a smaller tub, as our guest bathroom will be about 5×7′, which sounds tiny, but it’s the same size as the ONLY bathroom we’ve lived with for 10 years.  I’m guessing that a cheap, small, modern-looking, jetted tub was difficult to find five years ago, but there are lots of options out there today.  Kohler, American Standard, LineaAqua, and others make models that 60″ and below.  Our tub will be a drop-in (which means it’ll go against the wall with tile built around it) rather than freestanding, like this armchair-like beauty below:

image from Freshome

image from Atomic Ranch

I like the wide tile in the pictures above and below, and both tubs have the lines I want.  I’m debating having a shower set (like below) installed in the guest bath…seems like a tub in there, a shower in the master, and a shower outside in the guest studio is enough, right?

image from Apartment Therapy

image from Freshome

We’ll probably go with a white tile surrounding the tub (we had talked about this one awhile back).  Also worth noting in the picture above is the toilet…not wall-hung, but with some nice lines.

image from Apartment Therapy

image from Bloomerism

The tub above is either extra small or it is a weird angle.  It’s nicely inset with the wood accents and the cool built-in shelf (which we plan to do in our master shower).

image from Pinterest

And then there are the tubs above and below that are just different from anything else I’ve seen.  The glass “invisible” tub above is totally fun.  The tub inset among bookshelves below with the great view is made for us…although I don’t know how practical it is to keep books near water, but that’s just the librarian in me coming out.

image from If It’s Hip, It’s Here

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See Through

Our master bath will have a large, walk-in shower with a bench.  I’m totally excited for just a shower (we’ll have a tub in the guest bath), because they are looking really modern and clean these days with all the glass.

image from Bliss

image from Apartment Therapy

image from Desire to Inspire

All the showers above have traditional doors on them, but I think I like the door-less showers best (less hardware, less glass to clean, and that has to mean less money to install, right?).  However, I don’t want water streaming out on my floor.  Judging from the pictures below, it seems that the placement of the shower opening or the shower head is key.

image from Decor Demon

image from Jetson Green

image from Apartment Therapy

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Bathing Beauties

We are meeting later today with our developer to go over preliminary house plans, and I’m so excited.  I know the next step is securing our construction loan, and I have a lot of questions as to what is covered in a construction loan (like, are appliances and fixtures and all that included?).  I guess we will find out all about this soon enough.

In the meantime, here are some interesting tubs (yeah, I realize that may be somewhat of an oxymoron to anyone but me, ha!).  

image from Design*Sponge

The bathtub above actually lights up and is made of some type of plastic or resin with internal lights…that would be so relaxing in the evenings!

The second tub below is simple, but big, and it’s got great hardware.  I also like the placement of it on the floor with the rocks…and of course the goldfish tiles are so cool.

image from Blissful

image from Trendir

The tub above is placed in the most serene atmosphere, but since we are moving to the middle of the city, not the middle of the woods, this isn’t really practical for us.

The tub/shower combo below makes a lot more sense with tile and glass, and the wood surrounding it is really pretty.  I also really like the square shape of this tub…as my mom would say, “It’s different!”

image from Dwell

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A Year and a Half

That’s how long the average person will spend in the bathroom during their lifetime.  So, it’s my hope to make ours an interesting place.  I’ve spent too long living in a house (and apartments before that) sharing only one bathroom, so two baths are high on our wishlist.  One bath should have a tub, but it would be great if the other had a walk-in spacious shower.  We’ve done a little looking around lately, and we’ve started to dertermine what we like and what we can afford.

The bathtub below is beautiful (and the shower is like a waterfall!), but also waaaay too much money.  What I like about it is that it’s not attached to the wall, and it’s round and deep enough to use.  This is a cool idea, but it might take up more space on the floor of the bathroom than we have to work with.

image from Molimo Design

As for the bathroom with a shower, the design below is pretty great.  The picture angle is kind of weird, but I think the photographer is standing in the shower looking out.  I like the glass, the light, and the interesting use of tiles–it’s an economical use of special, more expensive tiles that is subtle, unlike the third picture down there, which is a bit to hectic for me.

image from Home Architectural Design

Finally, we’ve been thinking about our sink and vanity.  We don’t like the one that we’ve been living with for years, and we both like the idea of a sculptural sink basin like the one below, but even a raised, round one would be really nice (and we saw some cheap ones at Ikea last weekend!).  I also really like the vanity that is actually a retro-fitted vintage cabinet.  Also, check out the faucet–it comes straight out of the wall, rather than being mounted on the vanity.  That’s a small detail, but one that I really like and one that might be pretty easy to accomplish when building a house from scratch.

image from Atomic Ranch Magazine

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