Rock n Roll Problems

Rock n Roll Problems?  It’s what my husband and I refer to when we’re having issues that others might not…problems that others can’t relate to because they just aren’t at that stage yet.  Fancy problems.  You know, it’s like telling a friend who lives on his girlfriend’s couch that you’re trying to decide which neighborhood to buy a three bedroom home in that will hold its resale value.  Your friend doesn’t care, no matter how many house fliers you show him.

So maybe you don’t care about our rock n roll problems either, but this is the blog I’ve talked about starting for months.  This is the one that’s going to save my sanity.  This is the blog that will put our house-hunting, house-buying, house-building, house-selling, house-demolishing experience under the microscope.  And, hopefully, this will be the blog that will one day celebrate the end of our process and the beginning of a better life in a new house with new rock n roll problems, no doubt.


2 thoughts on “Rock n Roll Problems

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