The Backstory

Here’s our story chock full of rock n roll problems…

Last February our neighbor approached my husband at the grocery store to talk about houses.  Their conversation evolved into the neighbor actually offering to buy our house so that he could have a double lot.  This was super exciting to us, as we’ve entertained the idea of moving for years, but just didn’t want to deal with the hassle of putting it on the market and clearing out for showings.

So that was our plan.  We scoured the city for the perfect home, and we met with the neighbor periodically to make sure he was still into the idea.  We fell in love with a ranch house in April, put in a low offer, and we were turned down flat.  After going back and forth with the home owners, it became apparent we weren’t going to get the house, so we moved on. (And, in retrospect, the house was just weird inside and needed more work than we wanted to do, so it was good.)

Our second love story happened in May.  It was a mid-century house just right around the corner, and all signs pointed to us getting this one, until we discovered a foundation issue and the homeowner lied about it, then decided to rent the home from under us.  (This one still stings a bit.)

In late June, we found house number three in the same area, but it wasn’t a style we were attracted to at first–it was a Tudor, not that there’s anything wrong with that.  However, number three won us over with the mod interior and the history, so we put an offer in on it.  Our offer was accepted, the homeowner was awesome, but on the day that we were going to sign papers, our hopes crumbled again: the neighbor sent word that he decided not to buy our house afterall…something about the market or whatever.

Homeowner number three is also a realtor, and we worked with him for a little while to sell off our house to buy his, but in this market, it just wasn’t happening.  So we were in a stall pattern, trying to decide what our next move would be.

Lately we’ve been noticing that all of the houses we were interested in were still for sale months later…not a good sign.  We soon decided that even if we could sell our place, we probably didn’t want to move into the previously-coveted neighborhood for future resale value.

About a month or two ago, I came across an article in Dwell about a shipping container home, and the more we played with this idea, the more attractive it’s become…so this is where we are today: trying to build the container home of our dreams and trying to decide where that will be…


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