Pins and Needles!

So here we are, two months after starting this blog, and we’re still in transition and a world of rock n roll problems.  Here’s where we are:

We think we’ve found the lot that works for our future container house!  Our builder says the land is perfect, our realtor thinks the area shows promise, and the sellers are very motivated to get an offer and sell it.  The lot straddles the line between two older (but recently revitalizing) neighborhoods, and it meets our criteria for the perfect home: a community feel, a larger than normal city lot, near an urban farm market, near walking/biking trails, and it is very close to downtown.  Bonuses include being around the corner from some of our oldest friends, near cool bars and restaurants, and near the bayou for kayaking!

And here’s where the pins and needles come in: we’re waiting for a preapproval letter from Green Bank (aka the slowest bank in the world, but the one that funds green projects and also does nice things for the world) before we can make an offer.  I’m trying to distract myself so that I won’t call the lender again today…patience is not my best trait.

But this is good.  This is the most positive information we’ve had in months about our living situation.  Once we get our lot, we can begin focusing on selling our house…and then the REAL problems will ensue!


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