Our loan application was finally approved!!  We’re making an offer on the lot now and moving forward.  How can one feel both relieved and nervous at the same time?  This small approval is just the beginning of the insane amounts of money and work to come…

Whatever, at least things are progressing!


2 thoughts on “Approved!!

  1. Hi,

    Firstly I would like to say congratulations on the site and the project.

    Secondly I have a personal question – did you borrow money for the container home or just the land ? Just trying to get feedback about what the banks are saying about lending in these types of projects. Historically its been a blanket NO – unless your dont need the money anyway – always the way huh.

    I understand if you dont want to share this information but if your open I would be interested in your feedback.


    • Hi Victor,
      Yes, financing is still difficult for a non-traditional home, especially in this market.

      Our builder suggested that we go with an environmentally conscious bank and one that she had dealt with in the past, and we haven’t had a problem.

      She also suggested that when we are speaking with the bank (or the city for permits), to refer to a container house as a steel building, because that’s what it is. See the FAQs on Numen’s site:

      If you are planning a container house, I recommend you turn to a builder with experience because this method is still pretty new and some people don’t quite get it.

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