Feeling Out the Neighborhood

Now that we’re committed (we’ve put down earnest money!), we’re spending a lot of time driving around and doing internet research to feel out our new neighborhood.  It’s not really new to us, though.  My husband’s first job in Houston was just down the street at a concrete plant, and some of our oldest, best friends in town live about 2 blocks from our lot.  We’ve always liked the feel of the area, but it’s getting better all the time.

We spent our Saturday afternoon at our new local hangout–The Moontower Inn.  It’s a few blocks down the road and it features cheap drinks and unusual, delicious sausages.  The place is little more than a lot itself, but it brings together good people and it has a great feel.

Today I found even more good news about our future homesite: the neighborhood is in the midst of a major rehaul.  The Greater East End Management District has major plans (see it here and here) for the area, including an island in the bayou that the symphony will play on (that we can see from our house!), a birding and wetlands park across the street from us, and a Dragon Boat and kayak launch just down the street.  Lots and lots of parks are popping up too…it’s almost scary how good it looks!


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