Ideas from Way Back

I recently came across a notebook filled with ideas for fixing up our yard at the current house.  While some of them are pretty specific to the bungalo/cottage house we have now, a few can be used at the new place.

First up is using landscape glass or colored gravel like this:

image from Blueprint Magazine (remember them? told you these were old ideas!)

This would be lovely with our glass bottle and concrete fence idea, even if it was just used in the smallest places, planters, or pathways.  It reminds me of the blue cobblestone roads in Old San Juan.

Below is another old idea that would work anywhere and even work well with the glittering landscape glass above…an “After-Six Garden.”  It’s a night-blooming/glowing garden, which would be great for those of us who work too much during the day.  Good plants for an evening garden include white cosmos, cleome, heliotrope, angel’s trumpets, and my very favorite because I’ve lived with it smelling up the neighborhood for ten years, night-blooming jasmine.

image from Real Simple


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