Living Outdoors

Maybe it’s the springtime weather, but all I want to do right now is lounge outside.  We are committed to making our outdoor space usable, functional, and pretty.  We’re pretty excited about the smaller size of the new lot (it’s about 7000 square feet and currently we’re living on almost an acre!).  We hope the decrease in land will allow us to focus our efforts a bit.  I know we want a deck or patio space, room for a garden, and plenty of grass for the pups (and don’t forget the roof deck!).  Below are some nice examples…

image from Sunset

I like the patio above, but it may be too much concrete, in terms of drainage and green space, but it does have those cool sails that serve as a bit of coverage…that would be nice since the new lot is currently full-sun.  The deck below is really great (I’ve always wanted a deck with cut-outs for trees!).  You’ll notice that both of these patios are directly accessible from different rooms in the house…love that.

image from Dwell

image from The Daily Green

This last picture is of a container home shown in a warehouse (I think), but it’s got a cool small roof deck and a nice little patio, if you can imagine it without Astroturf!

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