I’ll just say it: I love terrazzo floors.  I would cover the floor of my entire home and everywhere I ever had to walk in terrazzo if I could.  Really, I love it that much.  It’s sparkly and cold, modern and classic, easy to clean and somewhat affordable.  And the colors!

Some people have aversions to it because of the commercial use–you know, you see it in schools and airports, but that’s another reason why I like it.  If they use terrazzo in these places, you can bet it’ll hold up well in a home (even a home with two giant dogs).  It’s also an ancient Roman technique that combines stone and marble pieces with a type of epoxy…ancient!  This flooring has staying power.

I first fell in love with the flooring when we were looking for houses a year ago…all the coolest mid-century mod homes used terrazzo in their baths and entry ways.  While it may be a hard standing surface for somewhere like a kitchen or workplace, we plan to at least use it in the bathrooms of the new container home in a bright white like the gorgeous examples below:

image from Fritz Tile

image from Metropolis

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