Barrier Islands

For real, coming up with titles for these posts is the hardest thing about blogging.

Anyway, kitchen islands…I want one!  If we have an open kitchen-living space, an island would serve as a visual barrier between the two.  It would also increase my counter space and give us somewhere to eat.  I’ve noticed almost all of the kitchen pictures I’ve posted on this blog include islands, so that points to a need for one!  Below are some interesting ideas for islands, all different, but all nice.

image from You are My Fave

I really like the picture above because the island seems very industrial and old–maybe it’s even a found object.  And, bonus, the kitchen has a chalkboard!

The image below is totally different, and maybe a little crazy, but fun.  This would be one of those things that I’d go nuts for, but my husband might try to talk me out of it (and he’d probably be totally right–shiny orange is a lot to deal with, but, hey, at least all the cabinets aren’t orange!).

image from Apartment Therapy

And then there’s this one below, that’s minimal, but somehow still warm.  I also dig the lights over the island, the horizontal kitchen window, and all the sunlight from the sliding doors.

image from Jetson Green


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