It’s been a week or so full of rock n roll problems and fun (aka spring break), but I’m back now and fully obsessing about the container house.  Since it is officially spring now, I’m thinking about our full-sun lot and the patio covering we’re definitely going to need.

The awning below is nice–it filters the light and provides coverage from the weather, but still allows you to see the sky.  It’s very modern-looking and I’ve seen the material for cheap at the hardware store…so this is an option.

image from Dwell

Below is the front of the Cordell House in Houston.  I dig the industrial awning because it goes really well with the home.

image from Numen Development (yep, our developer!)

A shade sail is another idea (but probably in a lighter color than the one below).  Our developer suggested this type of covering as to not darken the inside of the house with a big structure.  They claim to cool your patio too, which would be a big bonus in Houston, and it looks like you could take it down for cleaning or repair as needed.

image from Practical Home and Garden


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