Bathing Beauties

We are meeting later today with our developer to go over preliminary house plans, and I’m so excited.  I know the next step is securing our construction loan, and I have a lot of questions as to what is covered in a construction loan (like, are appliances and fixtures and all that included?).  I guess we will find out all about this soon enough.

In the meantime, here are some interesting tubs (yeah, I realize that may be somewhat of an oxymoron to anyone but me, ha!).  

image from Design*Sponge

The bathtub above actually lights up and is made of some type of plastic or resin with internal lights…that would be so relaxing in the evenings!

The second tub below is simple, but big, and it’s got great hardware.  I also like the placement of it on the floor with the rocks…and of course the goldfish tiles are so cool.

image from Blissful

image from Trendir

The tub above is placed in the most serene atmosphere, but since we are moving to the middle of the city, not the middle of the woods, this isn’t really practical for us.

The tub/shower combo below makes a lot more sense with tile and glass, and the wood surrounding it is really pretty.  I also really like the square shape of this tub…as my mom would say, “It’s different!”

image from Dwell


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