Design Plans and Margaritas

We met Katie, our developer, out last night to go over the preliminary house plans and to enjoy drinks at a Houston institution that’s about 3 blocks from the new lot.

She explained how construction budgets work (every little piece of the home is included in the budget–sinks, faucets, decks, everything), and she went over the super cool plans with us in detail.  We love that she really listened to our needs and designed a house around them.  For example, we’ve got a special feeding station and low-level windows for the pups, a room of floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, space for our gigantic vintage Herman Miller bookcase, a roof deck, an art studio with sleeping space for out-of-towners, and lots and lots of light.  She got us thinking about cost savings measures to get the most out of our loan, like using the original container floors (polished up, of course) and exposing more parts of the actual containers.

If it’s even possible, we’re more excited than ever about the container house!


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