Vessel Sinks

I’ve held back from making a dozen puns about sinks for a title to this post.  You’re welcome.

Going along with yesterday’s post about bathtubs, below are some cool sinks for the new place.  I think we are both into the vessel sink look for the bathroom.

image from Apartment Therapy

I like the sink above for its industrial look.  I like the exposed piping (although an under-sink cabinet is always nice), and I like the faucet that comes directly from the wall, rather than the top of the vanity.

The sink below is a simple, classic vessel with a really cool faucet.  I love the chrome.

image from Sinks Revealed

image from Living Etc. Magazine

What else can you say about the picture above?  The yellow vessel, the modern fixture, and the vanity on sawhorse legs…so interesting.

Finally, the sink below is made of bamboo, and this is new to me.  I had no idea that bamboo was an option for a vessel.  I’m not sure how it would hold up over the years as compared to porcelin, but it is really pretty and warm.  I definitely think the shiny chrome is the way to go instead of a brushed finish or any other color.

image from Materials and Sources


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