Container homes for all!

It’s been a big week for us, house-wise.  After securing the lot just a few days back, we’ve now put a down payment on our home design!  So this is really happening: we’re really moving downtown into a container house designed just for us, and not a moment too soon!  This month marks one full year since we tried to buy this house (which is still for sale, ha!).

I think we’ve interested a lot of friends in the container idea.  Of course, our very favorite designs come from Numen, but there are a lot of others popping up these days, so I thought I’d post some pictures to show that a container house can be anything you want it to be.  Need a studio out back? Easy, add a container.  Want a living space connected to a warehouse?  Just stack some containers.  Want a house that just doens’t look like the one next door?  Well, you get the idea…

image from Arch Inspire

design from The Life and Times of a Renaissance Ronin

image from Inhabitat


image from Prefab Fan

image from Freshome

image from Dwell

image from Tree Hugger

image from Dornob

from Jetson Green


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