Siding with Creativity

Part of the exterior of our container home will have siding, and part will be exposed container walls.  It really just depends on where you want to insulate–insulate the interior walls and you can expose the exterior of the container, or insulate the exterior walls and you can show off the container on the inside of the house (which is super cool because it makes your walls magnetic!).

We definitely don’t want to hide the fact that we are building with containers, but on the parts of the exterior with siding, we’d like to infuse a bit of creativity.  We are likely using James Hardie cement fiber siding for its durability and sustainability, plus there are a lot of non-traditional ways to install it.

image from 100k House

The image above uses cement fiber siding sheets in several different shades of gray, and has them installed vertically, instead of the usual horizontal way.  The building below uses two colors in an appealing, modern way.

image from Houzz

image from Best Home Gallery

The home above is using both planks and sheets (on the upstairs recessed area), along with cedar.  It’s a nice mix of materials and colors.  The house below mixes it up even further by using sheets, teak, and corrigated metal for siding.

image from East Teak

image from Adriana Sassoon

I’m loving the colors of the cement fiber sheets on the homes above and below with wood.  It’s interesting to see how a traditional building material can be used to create such modern-looking exteriors.

image from Green in Medusa


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