Magnetic Appeal

Shipping containers are made of steel, so parts of our house will be magnetic.  This idea is really appealing to me for some reason.  My husband, the art handler, assures me that every piece of artwork we have can be safely supported by magnets.  I have a feeling we will be on an endless search for cool magnets very soon. 

image from Numen Development

The picture above is from the also-magnetic Cordell House.  The image below shows shelving from a company called Pull Fixtures, which makes all things magnetic.

image from Pull Fixtures

image from Freshome

And, finally, the most exciting one yet…magnetic containers for plants!  This would be awesome inside or out!


One thought on “Magnetic Appeal

  1. I have used these at work for hanging watercolors and wood fiber clothes…

    They are strong as hell and could probably even support small, framed work. I would not try magnets on anything large, but Tobin is the art handler so I would trust him over me.

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