I am a patient boy, I wait, I wait, I wait…

Or girl.  But not really.  Although I’m trying to be patient, really, I am.

We met our developer last night for drinks and chips and salsa again, and we’ve decided that our project is still on and still planning, but that it isn’t going to happen as fast as I would like it to.  Instead, we’re looking at a six-month or so timeline.  This is killing me, of course, but it makes sense for a lot of reasons:

1. Money: we really need to save up for our construction loan to make it easier on us in the long run.  Because of the poor economy, construction loans are harder to get.  If we were to apply for one today, we’d have to put 20% down on the loan.  We’re looking at a $150,000 construction loan, so you can do the math there…ouch.

2. Our house: we’re working ourselves silly every weekend on prettying up our old place to sell.  This gives us a little more time to get it on the market, to let the market possibly recover a bit, and to actually sell it.

3. Summer: who wants to move in this city in the summer?  We’ll save ourselves quite a bit of misery waiting until the heat passes to move.  Our developer says we’ll actually save money on the construction of our home too, because it’s understandably harder to get workers to a job in the extreme heat.

4. Container prices: we just heard that there is a world-wide shortage of containers!  This is a temporary problem, mostly caused by China buying back its containers, but it’s made the price of a shipping container jump way up.  We might as well wait out the shortage to make the most of our construction loan.

5. Our new lot: this is actually the fun part.  We get to landscape around our site plan, which means that plants and trees will have more time to get established before we move in.  We also get to pay the lot down a bit, which will go far towards our equity and the construction loan.

So, I need to relax and let this all happen as it will, because it definitely will happen.  In the meantime, I will continue with my wishlist here and my nightly drawings of container homes and their landscapes…yeah, I’ve got it that bad…


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