Recycled Flooring

Shipping containers come with wood flooring.  They start out polished and shiny, and after a few trips of dragging things around in there, they end up looking something like this:

image from Container Homes

But, they can be refinished to their former glory, and at a much lower price than it would cost to buy and install new wood flooring (that seems counter-productive anyway, doesn’t it?).

There’s been some controversy about whether or not shipping container flooring is toxic, but the general consensus among builders today (even those committed to both being green and safe, as our developer is) is that containers produced in recent years contain no more harmful materials than your average wood or synthetic flooring, especially when thick layers of epoxy are applied.

And the results are beautiful and industrial all at once…see the examples below.

image from Tumblr (it’s a Numen house!)

image from Jetson Green

Ideally, for our house, we’d find a gently-used container that has flooring with character, but not too many dings and scratches (our dogs will no doubt contribute their own scratches in time with their nails).  Bonus: if you combine containers to make a home, like our plans do, you have to join the flooring in some way, and that can be done with metal or wood plates or strips–like the image right above–and you can make them as invisible or industrial as you want.


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