Best Container Architecture Out There

Today marks 50 posts on Rock n Roll Problems, so I figured I’d share the best container houses I’ve seen in person and on the web (and these are just my opinions; there are a ton of others out there, which is a very good thing).

My fave, Numen Development, here in Houston:

Ecotech Design that built this giant in the Mojave desert:

Home Contained that built this beauty in Kansas City:

The Canadian company, Meka, and this pretty place:

Adam Kalkin’s Old Lady House:

The Harbinger Project built by SG Blocks:

And finally, there’s the Hive Houston village project, which is still in very early planning stages, but will be really interesting when they get it going:


2 thoughts on “Best Container Architecture Out There

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  2. I am about to put up a fence as well. I am going to use corrugated steel, and fence posts. I saw a beautiful fence on pinterest; It was sections of the decorative tin(?) squares that were originally made for ceilings and backsplashes. My fence is for privacy! You know what they say, good fences make good neighbors! Check out fences on pinterest. I think with your house, a pretty wood to offset, would be nicew. Best to you.

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