Pave the Way

A few years back, I started a paver project at our house, based on the design of a courtyard at a friend’s house in Los Angeles.  I bought 18″ square concrete pavers from Lowes, dug holes, and laid as many as I could each weekend in our gigantic backyard in attempts to make it easier for me to garden and walk about, lessen our mowing area, help with drainage, and make the yard more fun for parties (I believe “beer garden” was the look we were going for).  I really like the results with the grass growing between the concrete, even though it took over 200 pavers and several broken shovels for me to get what I envisioned.

Fast forward to our new lot and future yard.  It’s so much smaller, but I want to do something similar to give the yard a patio (or beer garden) feel, while still maintaining plenty of grass for the pups.  Plus, if we go for the bottle and concrete fence, this will all tie in nicely together.

image from Freshome

image from Jobingco

Above is similar to what I did in our yard, and below is too, just with different size or shape pavers.

image from Landscaping Network

image from Oh Happy Day

Now, these are super interesting…above is a concrete pattern in Paris and then below is a home that uses the same idea.  It’s probably not something I’d do because pouring concrete into forms just seems so permanant, and also because the soil in our city is constantly settling and breaking up pavement (if you’ve seen the sidewalks around here, you can attest to that), but it is fun.

image from Seven Months with Carry-on Luggage


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