Living Ikea

I’ve been cooking up a storm lately in efforts to save money, so it’s time for a new post about the place in which I’m spending entirely too much time!  We’ve got a kitchen full of Ikea cabinets now, and they’ve held up pretty well through the years (they’re at least 12 years old and only a couple doors show any wear).

So knowing that they are durable and definitely the right price, we’ve taken several trips to the big blue box to look at their kitchens.  But I have to be honest, the cabinets don’t look great in the store.  However,  in magazines and real life, it’s somehow a different story…they seem to be the right color and more creatively and functionally laid-out.

Another Ikea kitchen is probably what we’ll end up with, so below are some nice examples using their cabinets.

image from Design*Sponge

image from LA Construction Modeling

image from All-Doing

image from Livet Hemma


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