Home Address

When we bought our vacant lot, we never even thought about the fact that we’d have to maintain it before building on it.  I’m not sure why this never  occurred to us; we own it, so of course it’s our responsibility to mow and pick up trash to avoid looking like hillbillies and annoying the neighbors.  This is harder than it sounds since we don’t own a push mower, and even if we did, we don’t have a truck to bring the mower to the lot.  Anyway, after weeks of trying to figure this out, the lawn is finally cut and no longer offensive.

Now I can start really planning my yard and fence.  Since the fence is in the prototype production stages, I’m thinking of ways to display a home address.

The numbers in the picture below are made from recycled street signs…you know I always love an interesting-looking repurposed object…

image from Design Milk

image from Little E

The picture above shows a slightly more traditional address styling, but the numbers are large, modern, and placed on the fence.

Below is totally different–the huge address looks stenciled on the home itself.  The industrial feel of this one is really cool.

image from Desire to Inspire


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