Yard Crashing

I’ve been watching too much “Yard Crashers” on the DIY channel lately.  Actually, everyone I’ve talked to is watching this show.  I think it has inspired me to do two things: hang around in home improvement stores and wait for Ahmed and his camera crew to help me, and also to obsess about making a livable space outdoors.

Here’s the problem, though: we live in a humid, hot, often rainy area, which isn’t right for many of the projects they complete on TV.  Bookshelves outside? Cushions and curtains? Mosquito-attracting ponds and waterfalls?  Please.  Around here, we need to stick to basic building and furniture materials and native plants in order for them to survive for more than a season.

I wouldn’t turn down Ahmed at the Home Depot, but the images below are inspiration for outdoor living spaces with great color, native plants, and realistic features.

image from Houzz

Above is a great sunny courtyard, and it uses pavers and grass, along with some colorful plants.  I like the open patio doors too.

OK, ignore the cushions in the shot below, and focus instead on the succulent wall, planters, and the circle shape of the patio.  It’s really pretty, has my orange-blue-green favorite color thing going on, and would hide a neighbor’s messy yard…or, you could imagine the wall to be the side of a container, either the house or studio.

both images from Apartment Therapy

The yard above is nice because it seems so lush and private, thanks to a bunch of potted leafy plants and a good wooden fence.  The strings of lights and pops of color make it even more interesting.


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