Dog Couch

We’ve got two wonderfully gigantic dogs at home that love to nap.  They have their own couch in our place now, but it’s reaching the end of its productive life with us (this is our third dog couch in 10 years).  Rather than picking up another ugly couch from a garage sale, I’d like to create something that the dogs will like as much as a couch, but that fits in with my decor (if I even have “decor”).

I’ve been thinking of the models below for some time now.  They’re all low to the ground (perfect for Neko, our “super senior”), and we could make them using either a crib mattress or large dog bed.

Above is a platform daybed that I’ve seen in Urban Outfitters.  Below is the same kind of look, but it’s more like a bench made from railroad ties…I’m sure you could bind the planks together to make a bed, though.  The hairpin legs in both pics are easy to find online.

all images above from ReadyMade magazine

I like the casters on the bed above–although they’d have to be the locking type or the bed would constantly be moving around the house.  The sides on the bed are nice too because it gives the dogs an edge to cuddle up to.  I’ve seen similar beds with storage beneath the mattress.

Yep, my dogs are spoiled.


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