The York House

I’ve shared plenty of ideas here, but this is what you’ve been waiting for, right?  Below is our house plan, totally informal and unfinished.  This is the design that our developer came up with, along with some positioning and notes from me.

I can post the image here because we’ve paid for the plans, and because on the Numen Development site they are now referring to the plan as the “York House,” after our street name!

A couple of notes about the plans here: I’ve messed around with sizing, and what you see is pretty much to scale.  Our lot is 74×94 feet.  We are using three 45-foot shipping containers for the home, and another 45 (or possible 53) footer for the studio.  This means that the home is 1080 square feet, and the studio/guest suite is 360…meaning that the home will be listed as 1440 square feet.  There are sliding doors that lead from the dining area, master bedroom, and studio to the patios, and lots and lots of windows.

Things can and probably will change before construction begins, but this is a nice rough draft!

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