The York House, Deconstructed

I’ve had a day to let the images of our house sink in, so let’s deconstruct the elements, pre-construction.  Here it is again:

Yay! (Sorry, it just makes me happy seeing it!)  This is what you are looking at:

  • This house is made from 3 containers staggered to make it more interesting and to create rooms within.  A fourth container will be connected by a deck and it will serve as an art studio/guest space.
  • The wavy gray areas you see on the front are actually the container sides.  See my post here about container exteriors/interiors and insulation.
  • The stairs lead to a front door, but it’s not really visible on the rendering because the front door is our choice.  We’ve considered a store-front all-glass model or a solid modern one with some interesting cut-out windows…we’ll probably go with the solid.
  • The house is floating in the image because it will be on a pier and beam foundation (rather than a concrete pad, which is generally bad news in Houston).  We’ll place plants around the foundation so that it still appears to float.
  • The white slab on top is our attic area and roof that will be made of structurally insulated panels, which are basically strong, energy efficient foam panels.  We’ll have a bit of storage up there, and some sort of roofing material will be laid on top of the SIPs.  I believe we’ll have windows on the other side of the house that will stream light in from above.
  • You see some upper horizontal windows, and we plan to have lower ones as well, so that my dogs can watch squirrels and my cat can bask in the sunlight.  The house, as planned, will be really bright and airy.

The best part of the whole thing is that this home is totally affordable.  It will be constructed for about $100/square foot, and that’s not something you can usually find in a new, modern, architecturally unusual home (you know this already if you read Dwell and other design magazines).  I think this is pretty remarkable, but I’ll admit that I’m a bit biased…


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