Studio Visit

My parents have always stressed the need for there to be an area inside or outside of the home for solitary retreat…whether it is for woodworking, artwork, writing, reading, crafting, whatever; it’s necessary for a happy marriage and a full life.

We’ll have a separate container just for this reason.  Our container will be divided between art studio space and guest space (where we can also do writing, crafts, all that), with a bathroom between the two.  I guess I’ll have to let the artist decide how he wants to arrange the studio, but I have visions of windows, long counters, cabinets, and magnetic easels.

The way the house and studio are connected is also a design decision that we’ll have to make.  While we could connect the two with a deck or pathway (like in my plan and in the first picture below), we could also place them much closer to each other in order to create an intimate covered patio, and the illusion of a larger home (like the bottom two images).

image from Max Levy

image from Studio 101 Designs

image from Dornob


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