Spiral Stairs

All this talk about the roof deck on top of the studio container is missing one little detail: how will we get up there?  The best answer is probably a spiral staircase.  It’s the most permanent, economical, and space-saving method…because a ladder just won’t do.

I’ve long had a fear of spiral staircases.  OK, maybe not a real fear, but I am certainly aprehensive about them.  I specifically remember crying and refusing to descend the narrow, winding steps to the dark and scary basement at Castle Loma in Canada on a family vacation many, many years ago (check it out below–super scary, right??).

image from Knight Light

I’d like to think that modern day spirals have come a long way, or that at least I’ve grown up and used enough stairs in my life that I can descend with confidence.  But I think I’ll at least need a railing to hold on to, and that means the second option below, with all the color and coolness, is out.

image from Build Blog

image from Digs Digs


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