Texas Natives

Is it dorky that I’ve been waiting for my favorite in-town nursery to publish their blog post about the “top 10 native plants” for our area?   Yeah, don’t answer that.  They finally posted it last week…find it here, and from that, I’ve found a couple of new plant ideas for the new yard.

image from Buchanan’s blog

OK, Lantana isn’t new to me, but actually trying to make it thrive is.  I’ve had Lantana in a pot under a tree for about 10 years now, and I assume every year that it’s dead, but it comes back to surprise me.  And then I promptly forget about it again.  If I actually tried to make it grow, it would probably be beautiful.  This plant would work well on our full-sun lot, and the yellows and oranges are really nice.

image from Buchanan’s blog

The Texas Olive does not produce edible olives (unfortunately), but it does have pretty white flowers year-round and gives off nice shade for a small-ish tree.  I’ve been reading a lot about tree size in relation to lot size, and the Texas Olive seems like a nice fit for our place.  And, yes, even though the pecan is probably too large for our yard, I’m still bringing two of them from the old place to the new for shade, nostalgia, and especially for the nuts.


4 thoughts on “Texas Natives

    • Really? I’ve never had good luck with them, but I was thinking it was because they weren’t getting enough sun or water. I figure we’ve got plenty of sun for them on York.

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