Design Style

I’m not sure if there is a name out there for our design style.  There are plenty of quizzes out there to help you find yours, but ours never seems to fit.  My sister once called it “old artistic,” but that relates more to our old house…who knows what we’ll be in the new place.

While I admire the principles of minimalism, I have to say that we are not minimalists.  We simply like stuff: books, ephemera, art, typewriters, we have more than we need.  I wish we could commit to the completely clean, sparse interior, but we can’t.

While we aren’t minimalists, the container house itself straddles the minimalism/modernism line.  However, I think there is a happy medium to be found between homeowners and home.  I absolutely subscribe to the “everything in its place” philosophy, and that is where we’ll be able to really win with the container house.  Since we’re involved in the design of every part of the house, we can plan to hide our stuff in cabinets or closets (we’ll probably end up with something like the one below, love the space-saving sliding doors):

image from Freshome

Or, we could choose to maximize the beauty of our stuff with a great shelving unit (below is similar to one we own…I stalked it all the way from a library to an auction):

image from ebay

I definitely think it’s possible to live comfortably and naturally within your chosen architecture.


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