Not-So-Spiral Stairs

Our friend Jonathan is always quick to the rescue.  He once picked us up on the side of the road when our old car had broken down and drove us into town while his even older, even more broken down car was leaking gas and fumes the entire way.  He’s the perfect person to have on your side of an argument, and the person that you can always count on to cheer you up.

When Jonathan saw that I was writing about my trepidation and attempted acceptance of spiral staircases, he quickly found other options for me, because that’s just what he does.

both images above from Inhabitat

I really like the stairs above in the Inhabitat images.  The top picture on the beach, minus the cover, is pretty much how I picture our future rooftop deck to look like.

The staircase in the image below is kind of hard to see, but it’s steel (and the house is super cool too!).  The placement of the steps with the deck is really nice…again, kind of how I imagine the ground-level deck/patio to look.

image from Momoy

image from On Home Design

The stairs above are beautiful, but maybe a little scary.  And then there’s the plain old industrial model, like below, which could absolutely work too.

image from Gilmore Kramer

It’s nice to know there are lots of other options out there, and it’s nice to have friends who are thinking of them with you.


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