Concrete, rocks, pavers, recycled materials, and even more…all make up the idea of hardscaping in a yard.  Permeability (the ability of the material to allow water through, which helps in drainage) is really important to consider, especially in an extreme drought/flood climate like ours.  Most concrete is non-permeable.  Recycled materials are super cool, but they aren’t exactly affordable.  Therefore, I’m liking a combination of pavers and rocks or concrete and rocks for our future home.


image from G J Garden

Concrete with brick borders and rocks (this could be achieved with extra large pavers with more space between them):

image from Apartment Therapy

I think this is my favorite above, but it’s probably the addition of the plants on the side that seals it for me.

This below is great too, with a built in planter.

image from Modernica


image from LA Times Blog

Pavers that look like rocks or organic forms:

image from Apartment Therapy

Real rocks:

image from Sunset

Recycled Glass:

image from Swamplot (that’s the Cordell House)

Recycled tire material:

image from Apartment Therapy


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