Citrus-Inspired Kitchens

I guess a kitchen is the perfect place to be citrus-inspired.  I’m a big fan of yellows, oranges, and greens in kitchens…apparently even bigger than I knew, as almost every kitchen picture I have saved features these colors!

Check out the wide, sparkly (quartz, maybe?) island below; there’s room for a cooktop and for eating.

both images above from Desire to Inspire

The kitchen above is pretty basic, but I like the Ikea cabinets and contrasting counters, as well as its openness to the rest of the home.

More Ikea cabinets below, and the simplicity and light in the kitchen is just beautiful.

image from Apartment Therapy

image from View Home Design

I like the glossy cabinets above and the green formica counter is great.  Green and grey go really well in the images above and below.

image from Desire to Inspire

image from Jetson Green

Above may be a shade of green I wouldn’t necessarily go for, but it uses Ikea cabinets sideways up top, and builds a sink into the island–both interesting ideas.

image from The Design Files

The mix of spring greens with other colors above and below is nice too.  Above features a glass backsplash, and below has a nice faucet and counters that are probably Corian.

image from Remodelista

A friend asked over the weekend if we had made most of the decisions about our house.  The answer to that is: not at all.  But, it’s going to start happening soon, and that’s my point here.  All of these wishlists will soon transition into a home that is based on things we’ve seen out there and posted on here.  I can’t wait to see the final product.


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