Green Inside

I usually don’t have much luck with indoor plants, as I forget to water and put them in the sunlight (I’ve unsuccessfully tried about 15 times to grow bamboo and cactus in my window-less bathroom).  However, the pictures below, coupled with yet another outdoor favorite being eaten by a squirrel, make me want to give growing inside another chance.

image from Design*Sponge

I love the potted plant and bookshelves on wheels above.  It just so happens that we will soon live about a block from one of the best suppliers of casters around.

image from Freshome

The collections of succulents and tropicals above and below (on a pallet, no less!) are amazing.  I’ve always been afraid to put these types of plants inside, thinking that they need more light and heat.

image from Apartment Therapy

image from Atomic Ranch

It’s no wonder that plants grow well in the light-filled room above.  Maybe after the move, I’ll bring a few plants inside and try my hardest not to kill them.


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