On the heels of a very-important faucet decision, we’ve also come up with a cabinet design that we like:

both images above from Dwell’s 100 Kitchens We Love

image from Modernica

The cabinets in all the photos above are custom-made for a small group of homes built by Mass Architecture and Design.  We really like the two-toned cabinets (I believe the word “elegant” was tossed around even).  The bright white on top will help to make a small kitchen seem larger, and the brown on the bottom will hide the messiness that comes with owning two large dogs.

Since the cabinets were custom-fabricated, I set out to find a similar version that was affordable and available.  You know where I found it…

If we combine these Ikea Abstrakt high gloss white cabinets:

image from Osprey Bay Dream Kitchen

With the Ikea Nexus brown cabinets below, we’ll get the look:

And, to round it out, we’ll probably use cabinet pulls that look like the first kitchen picture up there–simple, small-ish, shiny, and from the same giant store:

both images above from Ikea


4 thoughts on “Two-Toned

  1. I love the ideas from Dwell. I had a subscription to the magazine for awhile. We live in a fairly contemporary house and Dwell has been a great place to find ideas when we’ve done upgrades and improvements. And we’ve often looked to Ikea for great bargains too! I hope your kitchen turns out really well.

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