If you know us, you know we like to throw a party.  I love a good outside party on the deck with decorations, a fire pit, music, and cooking.  I can see all of that happening in the pictures below.  The only thing that almost all of the decks below are missing is shade, but that’s easy enough to fix with these.

image from Blu Homes

I’d like to think the images above are from the back of the house (this is the same place, just zoomed in to focus on the smaller buildings).  If it were our future house, the roof deck would be on top of the studio, rather than the home.  I also like the angle of the studio in the picture, and the stairs connecting the two levels.  It’s an interesting setup that maximizes the deck space, yet still has a small footprint.

Now, for the images below, imagine that you are looking out from the house to the studio–so the decks shown would extend and connect the two structures.

image from Simple Lovely

image from Studio 101 Designs

The next question, of course, is what to build the deck out of…wood, or one of the new composite or plastic materials?  This decision will ultimately come down to our construction budget, the effectiveness of the material, and our desire to stay as green as we can with this build.

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