Shelf Ready

Our office/library in the container house will be small (probably about 8’x11′, see below), but I like the idea of being cozy and surrounded by books…dreamy, right?

The first couple of pictures below show a larger, more open library than we’ll be able to have, but the light color of the shelving is nice for keeping things bright.

image from The Design Files

If I owned the house above, I’d build shelves around those horizontal windows, and extend the bookcases all the way up to the ceiling, like the place below does:

three images above from Freshome

And, speaking of building the shelves around windows, the Japanese Cell Brick house above incorporates many windows into the shelving for interesting light.  The library is also built within a smaller space, as is the sweet one below (although I mainly posted that picture for my friend Mary, who loves to color-code her books).

image from Dedicated House

We’re trying to make decisions about parts of the house, rather than continuing to just gather ideas because the real construction process will begin in the next few months and we need to be ready.  So, decisions from this post include: lighter wood, building around our windows, and floor-to-ceiling shelving on just three walls (you can tell from the house plan above that the entry way is open with a room divider, which will be our giant Herman Miller 2-sided library shelf).

3 thoughts on “Shelf Ready

    • Ikea is always good. Or, get some of the metal pegs (or brackets) at the hardware store and make your own with wood–stained or painted. Options are endless…

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