Unclear Description

My sister says I have a problem accurately describing our future home.  Not on this blog, but in person.  She’s right.

When someone asks about the house we are building, I’m not sure what to say. I usually say that we are building a home from shipping containers, and  I judge the person’s reaction to the words “shipping container,” and then decide whether I’m going to describe the home further.  The reaction I get is one of two: they’ll look at me like I’m insane and picture a hot, metal box on the back of a truck; or they’ll immediately understand what I’m saying and tell me about other projects they’ve heard about.

image from Truck Photos

Amber says I should begin by saying that we are constructing an “eco-friendly home using new technologies” (which, interestingly, is similar to what our builder said we should tell the bank to finance the project).  Then, if the person asks more questions, I should reveal the source material because, really, the focus should be on the home rather than the containers.  I have mixed feelings about this, as I’m proud of the innovative construction methods and materials we’ll be using, so I should be proactive in educating people about this; but on the other hand, explaining green features is a turn-off to some and often more work than it’s worth.

Container architecture, or cargotecture, seems to be steadily growing in popularity (check out this exhibit in Germany), and I guess wider acceptance means that someday I won’t have to stumble over explaning our future house to my parents’ friends, distant relatives, and coworkers.

4 thoughts on “Unclear Description

  1. Amber has a good point. I was confused when you first told me. I pictured a container with furniture a window cut out and an ac unit stuck in. I don’t think enough people are familiar with it yet. But in time they will understand better. I still try to explain it to people.

  2. Glad I made it into your blog. Your house will be amazing no matter if people who aren’t lucky enough to get the invite to visit know it or not!!

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