Sinking Support

I like a little storage space in the bathroom, and if you don’t have a linen closet, you’ll definitely need a vanity.  I’ve noticed that many bathrooms today have hanging storage vanities like this:

image from Desire to Inspire

I guess that gives you a bit of space, at least more than the usual pedestal sink:

image from Blissful

But I think I’d rather have a full cabinet vanity (I have a ton of hair junk, what can I say?):

image from Apartment Therapy

I definitely prefer cabinets that touch the floor (like those above), rather than those with legs (like below) for cleaning purposes:

image from Jetson Green

As far as a countertop to the bathroom cabinet, I’d rather keep it clean, simple, and non-porous (quartz is nice, Corian is too).  So, no butcherblock or wood (like the Apartment Therapy pic above), and no concrete (like below):

from Living, Etc. magazine


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