Keeping Cool

I’ve said it before, but trees will the the thing I miss the most when we move.  Sure, we’ll live across from a park with lots of trees, but we don’t actually have any large, shady ones on our own lot (although I’m hoping to grow some).  Finding the right shade for our house and yard is imperative–it will make the heat more bearable outside and inside.

image from The Design Files

The patio above is nice, with both a small wooden awning and an umbrella.  Umbrellas are actually coming in all sizes and shapes these days, and they could be a great temporary solution to the sun for us.  Also, the picture above features a tree I have my eye on: the Italian Cypress–the tall, columnar evergreen just behind the umbrella.

image from Dwell magazine

And then there’s the sail shade, above and below, which is really growing on me.  They obviously need to be stretched between posts or buildings to be most effective; below it’s just anchored in the ground off the porch.  I’ve been pricing these, and they are suprisingly affordable, and they also come in all sizes and colors.  It’s likely this is the way we’ll go.

both images above from Prefab Modern by Jill Herbers

The photo of the house above is a little over the top, but it uses wooden slats to shade the house from the sun, just like below (although in a much more serene way).  The patio below is just beautiful with the creeping vines and hammock…it instantly makes you feel cooler.

image from Blissful

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