Book Report: Prefab Modern

image from Amazon

Container homes get lumped in with prefabricated houses because they are built in sections in a warehouse, and then shipped to the site to be fully assembled.   The difference between a container home and another prefab is the material used in construction.

About a week ago, I got the book, Prefab Modern, in the mail at the library.  This book is full of pretty pictures and inspiration, but I came across a short paragraph in there that really sums up my thoughts on our future digs and interest in container architecture:

“The triumph of prefab is that it can make houses possible for people who might have trouble affording them otherwise; the miracle of it is that those houses can be great designs.  Today’s prefab not only asserts that housing is a democratic ideal—that people should be able to have them without going broke—but that good design is democratic, as well.  By their very nature, these houses declare that good design is not the exclusive possession of anyone, but is rather an aesthetic integrated into society that is available to almost all.” 

Prefab Modern author Jill Herbers


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