Sliding Doors

We’ll be using every inch of space in our new house efficiently, and this is why our developer recommends using sliding doors and pocket doors…they slide rather than swing, and this saves a bit of room.

Below are examples of interior sliding doors and pocket doors (which are even better, as they actually slide in between the walls, saving even more wallspace).  We’d probably stick with a neutral color or white, rather than a dark wood, but you get the idea:

image from Design Attractor

image from Freshome

image from Archiexpo

Sliding glass doors to the patio outside come in all sizes and are multi-functional: not only saving space, but allowing a great deal of light into the house.  We’ll have at least one of these in our kitchen, but possibly another one in our bedroom.

image from Modative

image from Apartment Therapy

image from Dornob


3 thoughts on “Sliding Doors

  1. I ❤ pocket doors. There is this one apartment I always wanted to rent in Houston that had big pocket doors between the bedroom and living room that you could leave open and create a big open space.

    • We used to live in a place like that–huge antique pocket doors between the dining and living room. Such a cool idea.

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