Puzzles and Mirrors

We’ve decided that we want a two-toned kitchen, similar to this one:

image from Build Blog

But I’m enjoying the puzzle-like patterns that you can make with cabinets like these below, so maybe we’ll combine ideas.

image from Dwell’s 100 Kitchens We Love

image from Jetson Green

Incidentally, while we were at Ikea last weekend, we noticed a new shade of high-gloss cabinets: off-white.  We’re considering swapping our white cabinet idea for off-white, but it might complicate appliances, as white appliances definitely won’t match.

We also discovered that the giant store sells quartz countertops.  They aren’t cheaper than any other quartz I’ve seen, though.  Just like in all the other home stores, we were most attracted to the sparkly, mirror-flecked counters similar to this:

image from My Italian Interiors

There are literally thousands of decisions to make for this house in the coming months, which is both exciting and terrifying!


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