Bathroom Fixtures

This is sure to be an exciting post…bathroom sink fixtures!  We’ll have 3 baths in the new place (2 inside our home, 1 in the studio/guest quarters).  We will probably go with the same sinks in both indoor bathrooms for consistency, and we’ll put a big utility sink like this in the studio/guest quarters to be multi-functional:

image from House Logic

In the interior bathrooms, we like a vessel sink basin.  For the fixtures, I’m loving X-shaped handles (sort of industrial and classic, but still very modern when combined with the spout and shiny chrome).  I’m also attracted to the faucets and handles that are mounted directly on the wall (like the ones below), rather than uprising from the vanity or sink itself.  Wall mounts will be easy enough to install in our new home, as the pipes will just go between the container and wall.  I’ve done a little research, and Kohler, Jado, and Moen make faucets like the ones below, but Kohler is my favorite model and the most  likely one to go for a bargain.

image from Desire to Inspire

image from Freshome


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