A House Divided

Rather than a door between our open kitchen/living area and our office, we’ll use a room divider.  Part of the reason we’re sold on this idea is because, for us, it’s a no-cost solution to separating two areas.  We’ve already got the giant two-sided Herman Miller bookcase that we’ll use to divide the rooms, and it’s a piece that we truly love.  Another reason we like the idea is because it keeps the open feel of the house going, and it keeps the light streaming through.  There’s really no reason to close the door in an office (unless you are looking for complete silence, I guess, and we never really are), so why not skip the door and wall completely?  Below are three very different looking room dividers, but all do the same job.

image from Apartment Therapy

image from Modern Urban Living

image from Magz Magz


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