100 Club

This blog started last November, when we were just about at our wit’s end with house hunting, realtors, and deals gone sour.  We’ve chronicled the entire experience of our decision to forgo the usual route (the sprawling mid-century mod fixer upper) and jump right into the future (with a completely non-traditional new house).

On one of my first posts, I lamented the fact that we didn’t start the blog earlier.  But, in retrospect, it would have ended up being one tragic post after another (this home has foundation problems, this realtor just drove across someone’s lawn because she was texting, this house is over-priced, this person screwed us out of the deal we had agreed upon…well, you get the picture), and that’s not really anything I want to remember.  Instead, I like this chronicle of our thought process–full of rock n roll problems–about the new house.

While these posts may seem a bit obsessive to the random reader (faucets, flooring, and rocks, oh boy!), they really do help us organize what we are discussing over dinner, in the hardware store, or over margaritas with our developer.  I’m surprised so many people are reading and following us through the process, and I’m most amazed when someone I don’t know tells me s/he reads the blog.

In doing research for these posts, I’ve learned so much about my preferences and design style.   I’ve also learned a ton about architecture, construction, and green building.  I think our project has really exposed the container home to a lot of people who had never even considered it before…and here’s hoping it inspires someone else to build one.

The goal of this blog is to keep on posting every step as we begin construction (the plan is to begin this fall) and even after we move into our dream house.  The challenge may be thinking of post ideas after we move in, but I’m guessing we’ll still be making a ton of decisions on final design and certainly on the garden.

So, after 100 posts, I’d like to celebrate containers and their functionality, which Adam Kalkin thinks people appreciate for the “maritime romance” and Jennifer Siegal calls the “building blocks of the construction industry.”  I didn’t make the video below, but it’s a pretty nice summary of the interiors and exteriors of the coolest container houses out there:

Did you see the Cordell House on there?  The first appearance is at about 1:11.


3 thoughts on “100 Club

  1. Congratulations on your 100th post! Awesome. I’m sure you will have a lot more to say once you are in the house.

    • Thanks, neighbor! Speaking of, why didn’t you tell me about the jungle over there? How embarassing…we mowed again this week.

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