In the Studio

In my perfect studio, I would have a row of cabinets all along the back wall, giving me plenty of counter workspace with drawers.  The artist-husband prefers instead to keep the space open and simple with rolling carts and a drafting table.  Since this space is mainly for him, and since he’s been dealing with a challenging studio for years now, he will get his way.

We both agree that we should take advantage of the steel walls of the studio with movable, versatile magnetic easels and supply-holders.  We also plan to flood the entire space with light, and make sure that the ventilation is superior with fans and windows or doors that open.  We’re installing an industrial sink in the bathroom out there to wash out brushes for easier clean up, and a floor that won’t matter too much when paint gets splattered on it.

The studio will also have a bedroom (separated by a wall) for our guests.  But when it’s just us, we’ll use the room as a separate space away from the art to write, craft, read, or whatever, so a desk and comfortable chair will be necessary.

The outside of the studio will complement the house design in color and siding, and it’ll be climate-controlled, of course.  We plan on using either a 45 or 53 foot container, which is actually much bigger than the awesome studios below:

image from Apartment Therapy (this one is a 12′ container, and we’re actually considering purchasing one of these too for our various woodworking and gardening tools)

image from Home Decorating Ideas

image from Eco Friend (this is solar-powered too!)


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