The Ultimate Dog Bed

We’ve been planning to build the ultimate dog bed for some time, and since we just threw out the old, stinky dog couch for heavy trash pickup, the plan has become more urgent.  We think we’ve settled on a basic design idea, using the clues our dogs have given us.

First up, the girls are large and they enjoy sitting near each other, so while they were hanging out the other night, we measured the minimum distance they need for a double dog bed.  They need at least 60” (I said they were big dogs!).  We’ve done a little research and found that most toddler beds are about 63”, so this works perfectly for length and cushion for our older dog’s joints.  Ikea sells the toddler bed below for about $50, which is less than most of the regular, smaller dog beds we’ve bought.

image from Ikea

We’ve tossed around quite a few ideas for the platform of the bed, because we’d like it raised off the floor for their comfort (if you know our dogs, or any Great Danes, you know they like to back up onto a couch and sit like humans with their legs touching the ground).  The platform needs to be strong, like a heavy plank, or perhaps many sheets of plywood glued together.  We also need to consider that the platform needs some type of ledge around it to hold the mattress in for when the girls jump on and off of it, like the toddler bed below:

image from Inet Giant

For a while, we considered ordering hairpin legs for the dog bed, or perhaps even using casters with locking wheels, but I came across a set of couch legs in the discard pile at work the other day, and they are much better than they sound.  In fact, I think they are actually chrome Knoll legs from about 1960 (much like the legs on the green couch below).  We love the style and think that it will work really nicely with the rest of the feel of our new place.

image from Circa MidCentury

I’m pretty excited about styling the dog bed too.  If we use a toddler mattress, we can buy a few colorful fitted sheets, and then change and wash them frequently…way better than a regular old couch that just absorbs dog odor.  We can also add pillows to accent the color, and I especially like the idea of a couple of bolster pillows on the edges so that they can rest their sleepy heads.  While looking for images of pillows, I came across an awesome idea (and a super cute photo): faux bois bolsters!

image from Trend in House

Knit bolsters above, and in wood-printed fabric below.

image from This Next

So, once the whole thing is complete, it’ll look similar to this $700+ day bed, only better, and a whole lot cheaper:

image from Pure Modern


7 thoughts on “The Ultimate Dog Bed

  1. Spoiled! But lucky lucky lucky! I personally love the idea of the ladies sleeping on a toddler bed.

    • Thanks, Karen! I have to say that we put a ton of energy into making it, and the dogs don’t love it…they’ll sit there, but they’d much rather be sleeping in our bed! We’re trying to figure out a way to make it more inviting to them still.

      • Sturdier cushions? With such big heavy dogs – maybe their elbows and hips are still compressing the cushion and touching the wood of the bed. I don’t have a big dog (only 50 lbs) but I know that a thick fluffy dog bed doesn’t work for him; I had to use a slice of thick furniture foam (wrapped with batting or an old down comforter) in order to keep his joints from pressing right through to the hardwood floor.

        Definitely let us all know what ends up working for them. I love the idea of the bed! Post pics?

      • I do need to post a follow-up pic! It may still be a work in progress, but we made the bed as planned and we’re using an Ikea baby mattress, which is sturdy enough for our girls and cheaper than XL dog beds. They seem to like it!

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