Flooring, Plan B

I want sparkling, white terrazzo floors in the kitchen and bathrooms, but I’m having some difficulty finding tiles.  I’ve found places that will actually pour the terrazzo into place, but that seems expensive and difficult.

My search isn’t over yet, but if my dream floor doesn’t work out, I’d like to continue our refinished container floor wood flooring throughout the house for continuity (in our present tiny, old house, we have four types of flooring, and that seems unnecessary both price and design-wise).  I’ve been seeing more and more kitchens and baths with wood flooring, so I’m sure it can stand up to the wear and tear  and water with a bit of extra marine-grade sealant.  Below are all types and colors of wood flooring set in the kitchen and bathroom.

image from Design*Sponge

image from Desire to Inspire

image from Blissful

image from Apartment Therapy 

I especially love the bathroom above.  The reclaimed wood is what I imagine our wood floors will look throughout the house.  I also like that they are using kitchen cabinets in the bathroom…unexpected, but it works well.

image from Alohomorra

image from My Top Interior Design


4 thoughts on “Flooring, Plan B

  1. I love wide-plank wood floors (like the one in picture #4). Right now we have wood flooring in our kitchen, living room, and downstairs bathroom. So far so good in the bathroom and kitchen. I don’t quite understand what it means to seal the floor, though. Not sure if my wood floors are sealed.

  2. I’m sure yours are at least waxed, and that’s a sealant. I just worry about wood warping in the kitchen and bath, but it’s reassuring to hear that yours are all good. Marine-grade sealer is usually for boats or decks, but I guess with our sloppy dogs and with the rooms where water potentially puddles on the floor, I’m paranoid. It’ll be a challenge finding a green sealing product that does the job, though.

    • Yeah, green is tough, as is the humidity in Houston. I remember hearing this NPR story about a green home interior design shop in Galveston that trying to help residents built smarter, more eco-friendly homes that were compatible with the gulf coast weather. Apparently bamboo floors are a big no-no in the Houston/Galveston area. The constant humidity will lead to warping despite sealing efforts. I forget what other woods and flooring alternatives she mentioned, but there are lots of others.

      Ours might be waxed. They certainly don’t have that glossy coating I see on some sealed floors, nor do they look like the raw wood that was in our rental house in Houston.

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